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Woman Blew £500,000 in Bitcoin On Dark Web Drugs Binge cant remember

Jia Tolentino, 32, a staff writer for New Yorker and a published author researched the dark web in 2012. While doing so she decided to purchase £50 ($80) worth of Bitcoin to do a deep dive into the darknet and buying drugs online. After her research she wasn’t sure what had happened to her stash after changing laptops. She told here story in a Reply All tech podcast show.

“Jia says that she bought about 80 bucks worth of bitcoin for this drug purchase, and she knows that there was bitcoin left over,”

“But, in the 6 years since the original purchase, she has totally forgotten what happened to the bitcoin.”

Alex Goldman of the Reply All tech podcast

Today – the 17.5 Bitcoins she purchased at the time are now worth £456,253.

Jia was thinking she was sitting on a small fortune so she asked the Super Tech Support team from the Reply All tech podcast to put their heads together and try and find out where her missing fortune has disappeared to. However, when diving into her darknet accounts and transactions, at the time on Silk Road Market, they found out she had spent almost all of here Bitcoin by buying drugs on Silk Road as part of her research.

Jia Tolentino, 32, a staff writer for New Yorker and a published author.

Hoping to find that she still had some of the Bitcoin left on her laptop from the time she bought it back in 2012 the harsh truth is she spent it all on weed and MDMA, but she didn’t know what happened to the leftover Bitcoins. It turns out that all she had left in her wallet was  0.002092 Bitcoin, which is only worth about £75. ($106).

Jia told the show;

“This really hurts to look at. This really hurts to look at. I really… wow, It’s so embarrassing.

When the host of the Reply All tech podcast show asked here if at least the drugs she ordered were any good, Jia replied;

“They were fine. I actually think the weed was not that good, and I think the molly was molly so it was great.”

The show asked for the help of Bitcoin transaction hunter Jeremy Rubin and Chainanalysis online forensics boss Jonathan Levine to see if they were able to track down Jia’s missing Bitcoin. They found out that right after the coins were purchased in 2012 she had sent them to Silkroad. After some further research Levine stated that almost all her Bitcoin were spent which left a relatively small amount of 0.00209 in the wallet.

Jia Tolentino of the New Yorker can now count here part of an ever growing group of Darknet users wishing they hadn’t spent their left over Bitcoin of drugs they didn’t really need in the past years of inclining Bitcoin prices and Darknet Markets.

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