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Voter Information of 106,988,638 US Citizens for Sale on the Dark Web

Privacy affairs, a research company registered under Zisk Web Ltd. a private Ltd. incorporated in Romania has investigated the dark web. Specifically the part of the dark web that involves voter data to identify the US states where the voters are most sensitive and which voter databases are being sold for the highest prices. The research company has shown that information belonging to millions of US voters is indeed being sold on the dark web. Complete voter databases are being sold (and purchased) on the dark web for prices as low as USD $10.

Voter Records

The voters records that were hacked and now being sold off include sensitive voting information voter ID, full names, physical addresses, previous addresses, dates of birth, gender and citizen status. The leaked data even includes the voting history of an individual, meaning; Has this person voted before, in which election and what was his/her vote. This study clearly shows how easy it is for the democratic system to be compromised by these hackers and the illegally obtained voter databases.

‘Voter Files’ or how these databases are now commonly known are data sets created by election officials and government agencies to register US election votes. The files are meant to fully map all voter registration and election turnout per state. These files also include the personal information of every individual who is registered to vote and who voted in which past election. It’s not only official government or election information that is registered in these databases, data found also includes data from outside sources such as consumer data vendors, credit bureaus and political organizations.

The data discovered on the dark web by Privacy Affairs include the following:

PackageIndividuals AffectedPrice
Florida Voter Database12,500,000$10
Alabama Hacked Voter Database132,000$8
Pennsylvania Hacked Voter Database620,201$10
Maryland Hacked Voter Database4,200,000$10
Florida 2018 Voter Database13,939,000$15
North Carolina Hacked Voter Database8,114,000$15
Washington DC Hacked Voter Database493,000$10
Ohio 2017 Hacked Voter Database7,900,000+$10
New Jersey Hacked Voter Database5,500,000+$10
Michigan Leaked Voter Database7,400,000+$8
Delaware Hacked Voter Database645,327$10
Vermont Hacked Voter Database476,000+$10
Washington Hacked Voter Database4,400,000+$10
Alaska Hacked Voter Database487,415+$10
Georgia Hacked Voter Database6,600,000+$10
Kansas Hacked Voter Database1,800,000+$10
Missouri Hacked Voter Database4,100,000+$10
Kansas 2018 Hacked Voter Database1,822,000+$15
Colorado Voter Database3,525,000+$8
Arkansas Voter Database1,746,000+$12
New York Hacked Voter Database15,000,000+$10
Connecticut Hacked Voter Database2,300,000+$10
Nevada Hacked Voter Database1,160,000+$10
Rhode Island Hacked Voter Database740,000+$8
Utah Leaked Voter Database731,000+$8
Texas Leaked Voter Database657,695+$10

If you are wondering where to find these databases or what they look like, a quick search showed the following results:

Dark Web listings of leaked US voter databases.

Voter Targeting

According to Privacy Affairs, voter databases have been vital to serve as blueprints for “ targeting and canvassing” specific supporters of political organizations and to pinpoint potential new supporters. These databases greatly help presidential candidates in planning their political campaigns, fund raising, social media and basically every aspect of their presidential run for office.

The US government and election officials alike spent millions of dollars to protect the US citizens from their data being leaked and to block hackers from influencing the 2020 election. The White House, the government and the media all had their eyes set on voter manipulation by foreign actors but the simple access to voter databases may be a much larger threat in elections to come.

What Now?

Vast amounts of voter data are already easily accessible or available for purchase, the data that is not listed as confidential by each state that is. The difference is that the US government can easily track where this data goes, how it’s being sold and used and for what purpose. Election agencies have a clear map into the data usage and who is involved in the use of that data.

On the dark web it’s a different animal entirely, there is no insight in who has the data or who uses it and most important.. for what purpose. Foreign actors can easily influence or even dictate how an election will play out with data like this. We will have to see how this unfolds in the coming years and maybe already the next US election.

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