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‘Dark web’ heroin dealer sentenced to 5 years in prison

Zachary Madding, 31 year old a.k.a. “PerpetualEuphoriahas received 5 year prison sentence for selling and distributing heroin on the dark web. The 31 year old completed more than 1,600 sales on marketplaces such as AlphaBay, Dream Market and Wall Street Market. Madding was arrested at a long-stay hotel in Mukilteo, Washington after he assaulted his girlfriend. During sentencing the judge described Madding as;

“The person who is before me is not a good person. He is a common criminal who is engaged in the most serious behavior…. On the dark web you have no idea who you are dealing with… Because of your actions, there are 1,600 families out there who are going through the pain of addiction.”

According to official records filed in the case, Madding first caught the eye of law enforcement in May of 2018. This is when he attacked his girlfriend by trying to force here to take Xanax and forcibly spraying a fentanyl in her nose. Fortunately for Madding, medics were able to revive the woman on scene. After Madding was arrested that night, law enforcement discovered documents in his room that were meant as false identification documents. Officials also found shipping labels, drugs ledgers, crushed Xanax tables and the fentanyl spray.

Zachary Madding awaiting sentencing.

An investigation by Homeland Security Investigations and the U.S. Postal Inspection Service revealed that 2016 Madding started selling heroin on dark web marketplaces in 2016. After several marketplaces were seized and shut down by law enforcement, Madding simply moved on to other marketplaces and continued business. He tried to avoid being detected by keeping his transactions to Bitcoin, encrypting all his communications and shipping his drugs in a way to avoid detection by drug detecting dogs and customs scanners.

Madding started selling more on darknet marketplaces after he was released from state prison the first time for vehicular assault. In that case, which was in August 2014, Madding drove under the influence of heroin and alcohol. As a result he hit two teen-agers as they walked on the side of the road. Both were badly injured, and one suffered a critical and life-altering brain injury after the accident.

In all, Madding made more than 1,600 sales on the dark web and earned $72,000 in Bitcoin.

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