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Cannabis Vendor “LenasBioLaden” Sentenced to 6 years in Prison

After a two-year investigation by Central Office Cybercrime Bavaria, the operators of the dark web market vendor shop “Lenas Bioladen” were arrested in July. The Memmingen district court has sentenced three German nationals who were suspected to have worked for and/or operated the vendor shop “Lenas Bioladen” by selling marijuana on the darkweb.

All of the three defendants (a 42-year-old man, his 34-year-old wife, and a 32-year-old man) were sentenced by the court after being found guilty of reading over 740,000 euros ( $904,000 dollars) as a results of operating a darknet vendor shop and darkweb drugs sales.

LenasBioLaden Product Listings.

Between September 2017 and March 2020 the three people operating the “LenasBioLaden” vendor account processed over 8,700 orders to buyers from all over Germany and neighboring countries under trade names such as “Lenas Cheese” or “Lenas Hawaiian Snow”. Buyers were able to order cannabis via this shop which were then sent to them with Deutschepost (German Mail). The trio was active on multiple darknet marketplaces and has sold over 50 kilograms over cannabis to its customers.

On site at local post offices used by the vendor and a week-long investigation in cooperation with local law enforcement brought the officers on the trail of a 42-year-old man from the Alb-Danube district in 2019.

The investigations have confirmed the suspicion that the two men ran the darkweb market vendor account named “LenasBioLaden.” In July 2020 law enforcement acquired search warrants and searches of the residential addresses of the two accused were carried out on July 21, 2020. Law enforcement officials seized various pieces of evidence, including packaging material, cell phones, computers and storage media. They also seized large amounts of cash and Bitcoin. The two are now in different prisons. There are several cases of illicit traffic in narcotics in large quantities that they are suspected to have taken part in.

One of LenasBioLaden’s vendor profiles.

After the initial arrest of the two defendants law enforcement continued the investigation into their darkweb activities. They learned of an additional co-conspirator, this person was later identified as the 42-year-old’s wife. The 34-year-old woman was responsible for mailing the orders that came from the darkweb. She was responsible for mailing between 16 and 48 drug packages every day from local post offices.

Sentencing commenced on May 20, 2021 where the three defendants appeared before the Memmingen district court. The 34-year-old wife was suspended prison sentence of one year and eight months. The other two suspects were both sentenced to six years and two months in prison.

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