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10 Accounts More Valuable On The Dark Web Than Your Credit Card

The market on the dark web for stolen information in thriving. Cyber criminals will take any measure and go to great lengths to obtain your personal details. Where it once was a credit card number that was vastly sought after it’s now passwords and email accounts that have become increasingly more valuable than stolen credit card information. Largely due to the fact that these days it’s much easier to obtain credit card info but also easier to obtain stolen accounts.


Not all data has the same value. As cyber criminals get a more hands-on approach by using malicious emails and fake ads, the means to steal one’s identity and subsequently one’s money are in an ever growing hacker and scammer universe. However, the value of the data fluctuates based on what kind of information it is and how easily it can be obtained.

As we all know; someone’s credit card information can be found somewhere at the top of the most wanted list for cyber criminals. If done correctly, your credit card information can be used to virtually any extent as you would be able to use it yourself. You may not be aware of this but there are worse things that can be stolen from you than just your credit card information.

Accounts for sale on the dark web.

Most Wanted

Many online users don’t practice good password hygiene and as such many accounts being sold on the dark web can be used for multiple websites. This is one of the major reasons user names and passwords are more valuable to thieves. Bank, payment or card information generally only link to one account or website and any irregular activity often results in the account or card being shut down by the provider. When it comes personal information the price is determined by the quality of info, the more you have to offer and the more people can use the info, the higher the price.

On average a cloned Mastercard or VISA credit card with a valid PIN sells for around USD $25. A cloned American Express card with a PIN will go for USD $35. When it comes to accounts for payment processors such as PayPal the prices go up. Stolen PayPal account details with a minimum balance of $100 can be sold for $30. The higher the minimum balance is for the account, the higher the selling price.

But here’s the deal; Password are now more than five times more valuable than stolen/cloned credit card information, based on an analysis by data privacy and cybersecurity research firm; the Ponemon Institute. The analysis outlines how the sales prices for stolen credit card information dropped dramatically to less than USD $1 per record as of March this year. Five years ago the price for the same exact information would cost you USD $26. Whereas payment processing accounts are worth 30 times that of a basic stolen credit card.

Mo’Accounts, Mo’Money!

These prices still fall short of where the real money is; Social Media Accounts. A hacked and aged Facebook account can easily sell for USD $60 and even hacked or stolen Gmail accounts are worth USD $80 on the dark web. So if you’re looking to start selling on the dark web, accounts are much more valuable than ‘carding‘.

Here’s short list of the 10 most valuable accounts which are worth more to hackers than you credit card information:

A hacked Facebook account$65
An Instagram account$45
Hacked Twitter account$35
Hacked Gmail account$80
A Stolen PayPal account with a minimum of $1,000$120
USA verified LocalBitcoins account$350 verified account$310
Netflix account with a 1-year subscription$44
Adobe Creative Cloud 1 year$160
eBay account with good reputation (1,000+ feedback)$1,000

If you are really looking for the grand prize than you might want to look at personal documents as well as a fraudulent passport can sell for anything between USD $4,000 and USD $6,500. Sellers of cards and account information are however starting to make more economic choices and start to assess the risk-reward tradeoffs in selling certain types of hacked data.

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